Purina Lamb & Kid Colostrum Replacer

This highly concentrated formula provides young lambs and goat kids with nutrients and energy that are essential for growth and development in the first few days of life.

  • Contains 40 grams of globulin protein per pouch
  • High quality alternative to maternal colostrum
  • Supports immune health

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Purina Goat Kid Milk Replacer

Formulated to provide goat kids with high-quality digestible nutrition that mimics actual doe's milk, designed to support healthy, energetic goat kids for lifetime performance.

  • Specially formulated to meet goat kid's nutritional needs
  • Added prebiotics for optimal gut health
  • Supports immune function
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Purina Lamb Milk Replacer

Balanced nutrition formulated to provide lambs with high quality nutrition that mimics actual ewe's milk, designed to support healthy, energetic lambs and set the stage for lifetime performance.

  • Complex carbohydrates support immune and gut health in ewes
  • Highly palatable with a unique blend of herbs and oils that help optimize digestibility and nutrition absorption
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