Purina® Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food 40lb bag
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Purina® Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food

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Purina® Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food contains 100% black oil seeds and provides the protein and energy that birds need year-round. Appeals to a wide variety of wild birds such as finches, chickadees and more.

NutrientMin / MaxAmount
Crude ProteinMIN15.00%
Crude FatMIN38.50%
Crude FiberMAX28.00%

Seed for birds. Put your feeding station near the house in a semi-protected area.


Feeding Tips:

Birds require three important elements in their habitat: food, water and shelter. Providing these essential elements with feeder is called "birdscaping".

Creative landscaping and careful planning can make your yard a welcome habitat for many attractive and colorful species of wild birds.

Birds enjoy a clean environment. We recommend cleaning feeders regularly and keeping the area beneath the feeder clear of old seeds.

Can be used with Platform and Hopper feeders.

Black Oil Sunflower Seed.