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Purina Animal Nutrition

Purina® Wind and Rain® Storm All Season® 7.5 ProCycle® Mineral

Purina® Wind and Rain® Storm All Season® 7.5 ProCycle® Mineral

Provide your cattle with an all-in-one elite cattle mineral package with Purina® and Wind and Rain® Storm® All Season 7.5 ProCycle® Mineral. Containing 7.5% phosphorus and a cutting-edge blend of trace minerals and premium vitamins combined with a uniquely formulated enzyme supplement for digestibility, bioavailability, and performance, designed to support optimal reproduction expectations. This product also includes Zinpro® ProPath® 4 Performance Minerals to maximize trace mineral uptake and absorption potential for reproduction.

Purina® recommends testing your forages to ensure you provide the appropriate mineral and vitamin supplementation to your herd year-round.

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All Season Balanced Mineral Nutrition

Contains the essential macro and trace minerals at proper levels and ratios to address mineral deficiencies inherent in forages to meet cattle mineral nutritional requirements throughout the year

Cutting-Edge Trace Mineral Nutrition

Combination of organic and inorganic trace mineral sources that include the full research-recommended rate of ProPath® 4 to maximize absorption potential for reproduction

Proprietary Enzyme Blend

A unique blend of fungal enzyme ingredients to support fiber digestibility and maintain cow body condition score

Proven Consistent Consumption

With ranch-proven and research-tested intake at 4 ounces per head per day, you can be confident your cattle will receive the essential mineral and vitamins they need, when they need them, in a form they can utilize.

Patented Storm-Resistant Formula

Protect your mineral investment using the patented Storm® Formula with large particle size ingredients that reduce waste and optimize consumption. Now you can feed your herd mineral supplementation 365 days a year without weather interruption or water damage. 

Does Not Contain Added Salt

Supplemental salt should be offered at all times.

Nutrient NameMin Max IndicatorNutrient Amount

4000 PPM


111 PPM


2000 PPM


200 PPM


27 PPM


6000 PPM

Vitamin AMin

300000 IU/LB

Vitamin D3Min

30000 IU/LB

Vitamin EMin

800 IU/LB

Feed  this  product  free  choice  to  cattle  receiving  rations  composed largely  of  grass  hay  or  to  cattle  grazing  range  or  grass  pastures. Optimum  intake  is  4  ounces  per  head  daily. ProPath(R)4  is  a  registered  trademark  of  Zinpro  Corporation.

Important: Follow  these  management  practices: 

1. Cattle receiving phosphorus deficient diets may over-consume this product when it is first offered. 

2. Place the mineral feeder near the water supply or in the animals' loafing area. 

3. Put out fresh mineral at least once per week. 

4. Feeding free choice salt is not required with this mineral. 

5. Provide fresh, clean water near the feeding area. 


DO  NOT  FEED  TO  SHEEP  DUE  TO  HIGH  LEVELS  OF SUPPLEMENTAL  COPPER. Store  in  a  dry,  well-ventilated  area  protected  from  rodents  and insects.    Do  not  feed  moldy  or  insect-infested  feed  to  animals as  it  may  cause  illness,  performance  loss  or  death. USE  ONLY  AS  DIRECTED


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