Nature’s Match® Starter-Grower Feed
Nature’s Match® Starter-Grower Feed
Nature’s Match® Starter-Grower Feed
Nature’s Match® Starter-Grower Feed
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Nature’s Match® Starter-Grower Feed

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A pelleted, 18% crude protein, complete swine feed for starting and growing pigs. The simple way to support your starter-growers’ transition. Help your pigs get off to a great start with an 18% crude protein premium feed that helps them transition to less complex grower-finisher rations. Supplies all the vital nutrients required for pigs weighing from 25-150 lbs. (Moderate Lean Gain Potential) or 150 lbs (High Lean Gain Potential).
A Complete, Wholesome Plant-based Nutrition for Pigs 25-150 lbs
Non medicated plant-based feed  
Balanced Protein and Amino Acids
18% Crude Protein, 1.15% Lysine provided by ingredients that encourage feed intake and support transition to grower-finisher diet
Probiotics, Yucca Schidigera Extract and Phytase Probiotics supports optimal gut health, Yucca Schidigera 
Extract aids in odor control and phytase reduces phosphorus excretion in manure
A complete, wholesome ration for convenient feeding
Versatile to fit all feeding systems
Pelleted to promote consumption and minimize feed waste 
Optimize performance and minimizes waste
Provides all nutrients to help develop young, growing pigs
Supports the full genetic potential of your pigs
Encourages early feed consumption, helping pigs get off to a fast start
Supporting early growth advantages designed to last to market weight