Nature’s Match® Sow & Pig Complete Feed
Nature’s Match® Sow & Pig Complete Feed
Nature’s Match® Sow & Pig Complete Feed
Nature’s Match® Sow & Pig Complete Feed
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Nature’s Match® Sow & Pig Complete Feed

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Pelleted, 16% crude protein, complete swine feed for pigs of all life stages. The simple way to support your pigs' healthy growth and maintenance at every life stage. A high-quality complete feed that simplifies your whole swine herd feeding program. Nature's Match® Sow & Pig Feed provides all the vital nutrients required to support growth of pigs from 25 lbs to market weight, as well as provide all the nutrients required for gestating sows and lactating sows nursing litters when fed according to label instructions.

A Complete, Wholesome Plant-based Nutrition for All Life Stages
Non medicated plant-based feed
Balanced Protein and Amino Acids
16% Crude Protein & 1% Lysine provide an effective balance for gestating and lactating sows as well as starting, growing and finishing pigs  
Probiotics, Yucca Schidigera Extract and Phytase
Probiotics supports optimal gut health, Yucca Schidigera Extract aids in odor control and phytase reduces phosphorus excretion in
One product that can be fed to young, growing and finishing pigs, developing gilts, gestating and lactating sows, and boars 
Formulated to optimize growth performance in growing pigs, and is nutrient dense to support maintenance needs of boars, developing gilts, pregnancy and lactation of breeding sows.
Flexible feed formulated with high-quality ingredients
Peace of mind that ingredients are providing consistent, quality nutrition in a single product.
Pelleted form allows for easy feeding and a fit for all feeding systems 
Pelleted feed optimal flowability—less feeder clogging, less dust & less waste.